David Giles

David Giles

Senior Consultant

david giles richmondEmail: Giles@FortisLeadership.com

David has spent 20+ years working with people from all cultural backgrounds.

He has worked with ages ranging from 8 to 80 as an educator and a leader in the non-profit sector. His primary goal has been to promote self-discovery, self-respect, and self-awareness among students, leaders, and their team members. 

One of David’s unique abilities is to empathize with others and broach difficult conversations. This gift has benefitted multiple associations in and among workplaces and communities.  

He has led and co-led multiple teams in which he made up the minority population. He has experienced the ‘bumps’ and benefits of inclusive workplaces and strives to raise awareness through research-based techniques that have been proven to diminish workplace biases. 

David enjoys spending time with his family and is heavily engaged in improving the conditions of the foster care and adoption system in our community and country. 

David and his family reside in Richmond, Virginia.

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