5 Voices of Leadership Experience

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5 Voices of Leadership Experience

5 Voices of Leadership Experience

Everyone Speaks. Not Everyone is Heard.

Are you ready to be heard?

Is your team running at peak efficiency?

Did you know most teams operate at less than 60% of their efficiency?

82% of team members feel misunderstood and undervalued. Is your team part of this statistic?

How can you overcome these challenges?

We want to help!

This one-day 5 Voices of Leadership Experience will equip you with tools to help liberate your team!

Bring the Experience to My Team!

Discover the power of your voice at this one-day experience for leaders. Prepare to help your team reach their potential and help team members have their voice heard and understood.

Here’s what a leader said after their team’s 5 Voices experience:

“The real metric of the success of a team workshop is what people say the next day. After our 5 Voices sessions, multiple folks thanked us for providing them the opportunity. They really were grateful for how you stepped us through the process.”

– Fortis Leadership Client

What will the experience include?

  • an engaging, full day experience to explore the 5 Voices
  • 5 Voices Assessment to determine your leadership voice
  • workbook to complement your learning
  • a delicious catered lunch
  • collaborative learning with key leaders from the region
  • a copy of the 5 Voices to help continue your learning

What if every voice around your table was truly heard, valued and appreciated?

Team leaders rarely, if ever, hear the truth from their people.

But we believe teams can become better versions of themselves, and we want to help you build a strong team.

In the 5 Voices of Leadership Experience, we take a journey through helping each leader understand their own voice.

Then we walk with leaders to build an awareness of how each voice can work together to help the team become a better version of themselves.

Let’s transform your team communication!