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Leaders Program: Take it from the Participants

Leaders Program: Take it from the Participants

Congratulations to the Fortis Leadership Evolving Leaders Program (ELP) participants who graduated this past month!

The graduates representing the healthcare and technology industries completed the 6-month leadership development program which included exploring the 2020 workplace; the essentials of effective leadership communication; the benefits of focusing on acquiring talent for “fit”; the role of a leader in understanding Human Resources Law; and the need for cultivating a workplace culture of appreciation.

We spoke with some of the ELP graduates and this is what they had to say about their experience as a participant in the Evolving Leaders Program:

Kim said, “My experience with the program was enlightening, empowering, engaging, effective, and energizing. The program provided all the resources needed to refine and develop your leadership skills. All my expectations were exceeded, and it truly was a life-changing program for me!”

Laurie shared, “The program had a perspective on leadership that I found renewing. It stressed the importance of knowing your values, connecting authentically with those you are leading and how vital is to be “present” at all times. In order to connect and be present, one has to learn to communicate, show appreciation, and learn how to build a team. That is just part of what I took away from the ELP and have incorporated into my daily practices.”

Robyn quoted, “The leadership training was a great experience. I enjoyed meeting new people and the learning opportunity. I found the facilitators to be helpful and relevant to my day to day life and I use some of the skills learned at the training on a daily basis. Jan is engaging and knowledgeable and is someone I would seek advice from in the future. I know leaders and organizations will continue to benefit from her knowledge.”

The ELP graduates concluded their time together with special guest speaker, Dr. Cynthia Romero, Virginia State Health Commissioner who provided her leadership point of view and shared her insights on leadership from her personal experience as a leader. Dr. Romero shared, “It is so important to be clear about your leadership point of view, including leading from your values, which often times include demonstrating the courage and confidence to make tough decisions that in the end benefit the greater whole of the organization.”

The Fortis Leadership Evolving Leaders Program is a comprehensive leadership development program that is designed for individuals who may be new to their leadership role, or those who have been on their leadership journey for some time, yet have not had the experience of a structured leadership development program. This program is also for new leaders who have been identified by your organization as successor leaders in middle management positions.

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