Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leading in the 21st century requires a specific set of competencies demonstrated by both new and seasoned leaders. Fortis Leadership offers of variety of open-enrollment and custom courses to help develop, prepare and equip both emerging and evolving leaders. The Evolving Leaders Learning Experience Program offers participants an opportunity to build a strong foundation of critical leadership skills, equipping them to develop the competence and commitment in those they lead. For more experienced leaders, the program offers intentional management practices that will enhance their leadership capability, and often times, credibility.

The Evolving Leaders Learning Experience Program spans 7 months, with each 2-hour virtual session scheduled from 1 to 3 pm EST, fostering continuous development as sessions progressively build upon each other. Along with the coursework, participants will be part of an ongoing learning community, creating a personal board of directors so to speak, that will inspire and support them long after the program is complete.

“The Evolving Leaders Learning Experience Program had a perspective on leadership that I found renewing. It stressed the importance of knowing your values, connecting authentically with those you are leading and understanding how vital your leadership presence is to those you lead and the success of the organization.” -Laurie

The Evolving Leaders Learning Experience Program can help your leaders:

  • Recognize the strengths in each generation on your team
  • Develop strategies for building a highly-function team
  • Learn how to climb the steps to accountability with your team
  • Discover the heart of workforce engagement through appreciation
  • Prepare to lead change effectively

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Comprehensive Program Overview

  • Session 1: Developing Leadership Presence
  • Session 2: Lead a Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Session 3: Overcome the Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Session 4: Five Voices of Leadership
  • Session 5: Engaging and Appreciating at Work
  • Session 6: Fostering Diversity and Inclusion
  • Session 7: Leading Through Change

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    Situational Leadership

    Many of our clients have been intentional about finding just the right solutions that increase productivity and results in their organization.

    Fortis Leadership is certified to teach Situational Leadership® II (SLII®.)

    SLII is a timeless leadership model that has been used to guide managers and leaders in various organizations.

    The SLII model teaches leaders how to give individuals the type of coaching they need based on their development level on a specific task, or project. SLL II also teaches leaders how to develop a more committed and inspired team—creating a more productive, passionate workplace.

    Fortis Leadership facilitators will be happy to customize the SLII workshop for your leaders and join you onsite or offsite for the SLII experience.

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      Communication Boot Camp for Leaders

      The ability to communicate effectively is the number one leadership competency that propels individuals forward or holds them back. No matter what your role is, the ability to interact effectively with others is key to your success and the success of the organization.

      Our one-day boot camp is for individuals who desire to increase their ability to lead and influence in the organization. You will be able to develop the ability to:

      • Listen generously with empathy
      • Observe and understand non-verbal messages
      • Understand your own communication style and those that are different than yours
      • Flex your style to the environment based on your observations
      • Stay open during conversations and enhance the quality of your dialogue
      • Leave others better off than when you found them by increasing trust through communication
      • Practice effective communication in one-on-one interactions, team settings and e-mail

      The workshop can be customized to meet the needs of your team or organization and include a communication style assessment.

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