Team Development

Team Development

Fortis Leadership can help diagnose team dysfunction, facilitate constructive dialogue and develop trust. Workplaces are made up of individuals with diverse thoughts, styles and personalities. Often times when two or more are gathered, there is an opportunity to create synergy through recognizing the value in our differences as individuals, and surprisingly, our similarities. The reality is where teams exist, there are challenges in collaboration and recognizing the value each person brings.

Our unique process of creating a pathway for groups to transform into highly effective and high performing teams is a hallmark of Fortis Leadership.

“We believe individuals need to commit to straight talk with goodwill to break down the walls of mistrust and make way for connectedness and synergy to emerge.”

Our Process

Fortis Leadership has the experience and passion to help teams reach their potential. Our process includes

  • Team assessment to determine strengths and growing edges of team effectiveness
  • Targeted, customized approach to each team’s specific developmental needs
  • Develop collective strategies to increase team effectiveness
  • Exploration and sharing of individual values
  • Administration of 5 Voices, DISC or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment
  • Exploration of trust-making and trust-breaking behaviors
  • Introduction to The Collaborative Way
  • Personal, one-on-one relationship reset sessions with team members in conflict
  • Complimentary post engagement team check-in


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    5 Languages of Workplace Appreciation

    Creating a work environment where individuals are connecting and honoring differences is critical to the success of any team. Fortis Leadership offers a workshop based on years of working with teams along with the work of Dr. Paul White and Dr. Gary Chapman.

    White and Chapman’s best-selling book for leaders, 5 Languages of Workplace Appreciation, provides valuable research and insights about the need of employees to understand what they do on behalf of an organization. The book also discusses the ways individuals best receive messages of appreciation vary from person to person.

    The goal of this workshop is to assist individuals in understanding how to communicate appreciation and encouragement effectively to their colleagues in a ‘language’ the co-worker understands and values.

    Leaders can also experience 5 Languages of Workplace Appreciation by attending the Evolving Leaders Program.

    After participating in this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the core concepts of appreciation and encouragement along with their importance in relationships
    • Identify the negative results that can occur when team members do not feel valued or appreciated
    • Describe each of the five languages of appreciation and what they look like day-to-day in the workplace
    • Affirm the core components for appreciation to be communicated effectively
    • Identify and deal with the challenges of individuals’ blind spots and the need to use specific dialects of each language
    • Apply the principles of the language of appreciation in everyday work relationships by utilizing the tools and resources provided

    Fortis Leadership offers this workshop in half-day or full day sessions for intact teams of senior leaders, senior leaders and their teams, and individuals at all levels of the organization. Participants will receive a copy of the book The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, a Motivating by Appreciation Inventory (MBA) and a participant’s manual. This workshop can also be integrated into an intact team development session or serve as a diverse audience stand-alone session.

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      Today’s leaders require a keen awareness of what motivates the various generations that make up our teams. We specialize in helping organizations lead the multi-generational workforce.

      Each generation has been shaped by different aspects of culture, creating different values. Fortis Leadership provides organizations and their leaders with insight into these generational differences that will develop the mindset to lead all generations toward achieving success.

      We offer half-day or full day sessions for leaders and professionals in your organization. This learning experience can also be integrated into a customized Evolving Leaders Experience. We’ll cover:

      • How culture has shaped generations
      • What motivates each generation
      • How to develop a deeper level of trust and respect among the generations
      • Synergies that can be developed in multi-generational teams
      • Organizations who have been successful in creating a culture where generations are honored and valued

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