Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Fortis Leadership coaches are seasoned professionals who will customize a development program uniquely suited to your leader’s personality, role and goals. Organizations thrive when leaders demonstrate behaviors that influence outcomes and impact business results. We believe each individual is on a personal development journey. Exploring who we are as individuals can spring forth our capability to lead others.

Leadership from the inside out.

Customized one-on-one personal and professional coaching for emerging and senior leaders is an excellent option for developing leadership talent. Fortis Leadership ensures individuals are matched with just the right professional development expert for their personality, role and goals.

Coaching will lead individuals to experience transformational change through a series of coaching sessions resulting in the creating of a “Development Dashboard” to track personal goals and behavior changes.

The Turning Point Process™

Our coaches are experienced professionals who are equipped to facilitate the Turning Point™ process. By developing a relationship of trust, our coaches help individuals increase the self-awareness necessary to make sustainable change. Our process includes an inside-out approach:

Goal Setting

  • Introductory meeting with sponsor, participant and coach to establish initial goals


  • Individual and 360° behavior-based assessments to gain a baseline of current strengths, growing edges, values and overall personal and leadership capacity.
  • A personal “contentment analysis” to determine the participant’s satisfaction level in all areas of life.


  • Exploration and reflection of the personal journey including “unpacking” the significant mile markers in life that may have helped shape beliefs, values and ultimately, behaviors.
  • Intentional reading and assignments to broaden perspective about specific areas identified for change.


  • Assignment of an accountability partner to offer an additional level of support on the development journey
  • Intermittent follow-up meetings with sponsor, participant, and coach
  • A complimentary post-assessment of behavior changes six months following the engagement.

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