Employee Engagement

Fortis Leadership helps assess and implement programs designed to increase employees’ commitment to their role, the organization and its mission. A strong commitment to both a job and an organization motivates an employee to do whatever it takes to make an organization successful. According to industry reports, a lack of employee engagement costs companies in excess of $500 billion annually. In fact, companies with a high level of employee engagement experience a 28% growth in EPS versus a decline of 11.8% for those with low engagement.

“The most critical drivers of employee engagement are a personal and caring relationship with their immediate manager, recognition and clear expectations. Do your managers have the tools to drive employee engagement in your organization?”

How do you recognize engaged employees?  Assess your current team, do they

  • Look forward to coming to work?
  • Take initiative do more than the minimum required?
  • Look for ways to improve?
  • Deliver excellent customer service?

If the answer to any of the above is “no,” or “maybe/sometimes” you may need to look at your organization’s employee engagement. What causes an employee to become engaged?  Two necessary but insufficient factors are adequate compensation and benefits.  If these are not present, nothing else an organization can do will create engaged employees.  However, there are two additional factors, commitment to the job and commitment to the organization, which can be directly influenced by the organization and management.

Commitment to Job

  • A personal and caring relationship with the immediate manager (most important)
  • Consistent recognition and appreciation
  • Knowing what is expected in order to perform
  • An opportunity to grow and develop skills
  • A good job/person match from the perspective of abilities, traits and interests
  • As much autonomy as possible to perform
  • Pleasant cooperative coworkers

Commitment to Organization

  • Trust and integrity from senior management
  • Open and honest communication from the top
  • Clear connection between individual effort and organizational outcomes
  • Identification with the mission/values of the organization
  • Opportunities for career growth

Fortis Leadership can help your organization assess the engagement of your employees, understand the drivers of employee commitment and build programs to develop and maintain an engaged workforce.

Our Process

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