Culture Transformation

Fortis Leadership is passionate about helping senior leaders develop and sustain a values-based culture. At the heart of every organization are humans having personal interactions. These relationships either drive or distract from the successful delivery of business objectives. An aligned, responsive, engaged culture can dramatically impact your organization’s results.

Fortis Leadership understands the connection between your people, your work and your business outcomes. We leverage our extensive experience in leadership development, organizational design, change management and business strategy to help your team develop the mission, vision and values that align with and support your brand.

When senior leaders model the way by evaluating the organization’s culture and developing individual and collective leadership points of view, all other organizational and personal development endeavors have an improved chance of long-term success.

When vision, values and strategies are aligned, the workplace culture provides for individuals to make an intentional choice to be accountable, engaged and prioritize what is best for the greater whole of the organization. We help organizations and their leaders create cultures that inspire employees to live the organization’s values.

Our Process


  • Assess current state of workplace culture
  • Conduct employee focus groups
  • Launch on-line culture surveys


  • Determine desired culture
  • Develop strategic direction
  • Determine core values and associated behaviors


  • Develop operational roadmap
  • Align and integrate culture strategies with organizational systems
  • Develop leaders to champion culture change


  • Measure and track progress
  • Create interim culture assessments
  • Renew and modify operational roadmap

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