Jacquelyn Brown

Senior Director of Marketing & Operations

Jacquelyn Brown is a seasoned marketing and operations professional with a proven track record of driving customer engagement and enhancing business growth through strategic initiatives.

With a wealth of experience spanning various industries, including education and technology, Jacquelyn brings a unique blend of skills in CRM, data analysis, and project management to her role as Senior Director of Marketing and Operations at Fortis Leadership.

Throughout her career, Jacquelyn has been dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and delivering exceptional results. From spearheading targeted outbound communication campaigns to streamlining operations processes, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive success and exceed expectations.

Outside of work, Jacquelyn cherishes moments with her family, relishing in the joys of parenthood and the adventures of raising her two young sons. Having relocated to the Richmond area just a few years ago, they eagerly embrace the vibrant culture and endless opportunities for exploration that the city has to offer.

With her extensive experience and dedication to excellence, Jacquelyn is a valuable asset to the Fortis Leadership team, driving growth and success in every endeavor.