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Become A Better Version of Yourself in 2019

Become A Better Version of Yourself in 2019

It’s the time of the year to look back on the year behind us and make plans and set goals for the year ahead.

I read a few weeks ago that the mark of the changing year is far more impactful to starting something new or changing habits and rhythms than any other time of the year – more significant than your birthday, a change in seasons, or another significant marker.

So let’s make 2019 the best new year yet! Let’s become better versions of ourselves, our teams, and our organizations!

But before we jump into 2019 with a free tool for your leadership, I want to tell you about 3 things I discovered about myself in 2018.

What Energizes Me?

Back in the spring, Jan and I were working with an intact team on team development and workplace culture. At the same time, I started coaching one of their team members.

For me, these two events sparked a season of reflection for me. I found a renewed sense of enthusiasm. I enjoyed watching the lightbulbs illuminate for the person I was coaching, and their workplace, team, and dynamics became the ideas which ran around my head in quieter moments.

Why was this a breakthrough?

This season re-centered my focus on my personal values and how I live those out. Instead of leading on autopilot, I worked more intentionally to know myself. If you know yourself, you’re better positioned to lead yourself, your team, and your organization.

To explain this a little more, let me share my 2nd insight.

Rediscovering My Voice

A few years ago, my coaching group walked through the 5 Voices. I identified as a creative-pioneer, but then I quickly moved onto the next project.

This year was different. 2018 was the year of embracing my creative voice and understanding why I am wired the way I am. With the 5 Voices firmly rooted in my mind, I understand why:

  • I am enthusiastic about casting a vision of projects to come
  • I am always pushing to raise the bar
  • my strong social conscience leads my desire for personal and organizational integrity
  • my future-thinking can be misunderstood
  • interacting with certain voices (my nemesis/opposite) can be a challenge for me

The language of the 5 Voices now gives me an everyday perspective and litmus test for processing what happens throughout my day.

  • Why did I react this way?
  • Why do I feel this way about this project?
  • How can I productively move forward with this team?

Understanding my voice also helped illuminate and give depth to my 3rd insight.

The 70/30 Principle

This fall has been exhausting. Aside from my work with Fortis, I also lead a volunteer disaster response organization. In 2018, our volunteers provided more than $1,000,000 in support for disaster-affected communities. They did incredible work through a very challenging year!

When a mentor reminded me of the 70/30 principle this fall, I knew I was out of alignment.

In the 70/30 Principle, we say we should spend 70% of our time on our natural strengths. These are the things we are naturally good at, things we do without even thinking. We are energized out of this part of our work.

Conversely, only 30% of our time should focus on learned behaviors, things we have to really think about doing. These activities are likely draining. We are unlikely to reach 100/0, but 70/30 is a healthy balance.

This fall, I put myself at 50/50, maybe evening 40/60. This imbalance is more draining than energizing, and it can drain the life out of our work. Even the things which should bring us energy are more challenging. We are not the best versions of ourselves.

This illuminated for me a need to better align our team. Where should we hire additional staff? Where should we adjust existing staff roles? Every step would help me rediscover a healthy balance.

A Better Version of Me In 2019

Moving into the new year, these three Insights will guide me intentionally through each week and month.

I am working to refine my work through my voice and what brings energy to my work so I can reach a healthy 70/30 balance. And I want to help leaders achieve the same balance in their own lives.

The key for this growth is intentionality. Just as I am coaching, I have a coach of my own. This intentional reflection helps me put a plan into place in my own life and work.

What about you?

How can you take intentional steps?

Take Your Next Step

I can’t wait to see how my insights will come to life in 2019, and I hope you will discover the same insights.

We want to help you become a better version of yourself in 2019.

We want to share our Growth Guide with you. We believe this guide will help you process your growth plan and identify where you can focus as you head into a bright 2019.